User Friendly? Communication support at GP Practices in Redbridge 1st visit

For many people with communication impairments going to see the doctor can sometimes have additional problems. Not hearing your name being called, having no access to a BSL Interpreter or relying on a family member to support you, can be frightening
a couple signing to each other

Overall recommendations

From our findings we believe the following recommendations would be useful in supporting practices across Redbridge:

1. Practices without websites should consider having a website so that patients can access any necessary information on there. All websites should be accessible to people with communication impairments. Patients should be able to:

  • Change the size of the text; some people with a visual impairment need information in a large font size.
  • Change the colour of the background; some people cannot read text if there is insufficient contrast between text and background.
  • Navigate the whole website without a mouse; some people who are blind/partially sighted with mobility impairments rely on the keyboard.
  • Use the sitemap button, as this will make it easier for people with communication impairments to find information on the website.


Reviewing communication support at GP Practices in Redbridge March 2018 report

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