Redbridge Scrutiny Meeting - the provision of maternity services for the population of Redbridge

A councillor-led Task and Finish Group is currently looking into the provision of maternity services for the population of Redbridge and is seeking your views.
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About Scrutiny

Overview and Scrutiny (or Scrutiny) is a statutory function - a power by which decision-makers can be held to account on behalf of the public.

It has four main roles:

  1. holding the Cabinet to account
  2. policy development and review
  3. external scrutiny including issues affecting the wider community such as health and crime
  4. performance review and monitoring to ensure continuous improvement

Scrutiny provides independent examination of policies and decisions about local services, whether provided by Redbridge Council or external organisations, and opportunities to champion issues of local concern.

Scrutiny checks what is happening against what should be happening and plays a similar role to that of Select Committees in Parliament.


Recordings of past meetings can be viewed here

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Scrutiny is a key component of the Council’s decision-making structure. Its aim is to consider a community/ public perspective in helping to provide a balanced picture of local matters. 

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