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Community Links

Community Links is a hub tackling health and social inequality in East London and beyond. ​

We work alongside the community helping people of all ages reach their full potential. We take our local knowledge of what works to influence national decision making. We are proud to be part of Catch22.​ Our mission is to work towards a world where your potential is not limited by your health or social circumstances.​ From our hub in Canning Town, a historic town hall and centre of social change, we apply the learning from our local work to influence and achieve positive national change.​

We deliver a range of programmes in five key areas of work:​

  • Advice
  • Youth & Employment 
  • Health 
  • Policy 
  • Community

Our health initiatives

  • Cancer screening calling​
  • Population Awareness
  • Screening Improvement Facilitators


  • Promote the early diagnosis of cancer by raising awareness amongst the local population
  • Increase willingness to attend/participate in cancer screening appointments/invitations in the future
  • Increase the number of patients staging earlier for cancer; presenting at their GP for the review of there conditions / symptoms


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Alina Harja

Community Links – 105 Barking Road, E16 4HQ

tel: 07506027686

email: Alina.Harja@community-links.org





Cancer Awareness poster