A disabled woman in a mobility scooter on a cycle lane

Ilford Shopmobility

Ilford Shopmobility is the service arm of Disability Redbridge. Powered wheelchairs, scooters and manual wheelchairs are available for hire to anyone with permanent or temporary mobility difficulties to enable them to get around Ilford town centre more independently.

Ilford Shopmobility is open Tuesday and Friday each week from 10:30 am to 3pm. It is located on Level 1,(the ground floor)  of the Exchange Car Park.

  • Supports health and well-being, independence of  people using the service.
  • Hiring out mobility equipment, electric scooters, manual and self-propelling wheelchairs on daily or long-term hire.

  • Relevant information is kept in the office, and signposting to other organisations as appropriate


An electric wheelchair that had been used very little has been donated to us. It makes a very welcome addition to our equipment. One member, in particular, is finding it very comfortable and easy to manoeuvre in limited spaces. All our equipment is regularly maintained and new batteries have been purchased recently for some scooters. Long-term hires are popular at holiday times and if you think you may need a scooter or wheelchair during the holiday period it would be best to book ahead.

Spread the news The number of people using Ilford Shopmobility is increasing very gradually but there are still days when no one comes. Volunteers accept this does happen but prefer to be busy! People who discover the service are always delighted so please tell anyone you think needs to know about us. Trustees and volunteers go out and about to relevant events but we do find “word of mouth” is very good publicity.

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Ann Garrard   

(please note: opening hours are currently restricted to Tuesday and Friday each week, from 10:30 am - 3pm)

Tel: 020 8478 6864 

Email: ilfordshopmobility@gmail.com

Website: www.disabilityredbridge.org.uk