Terrence Higgins Trust (THT) - Community Cash Fund

Pharmacies should ensure that they have a 100% confidential area for registrations and repeats and use it always.

Pharmacies should ensure that their confidential room is visible; it is recommended that pharmacies have a sign that states whether or not they do registrations or pick-ups and if they have a confidential room.

  • Pharmacies should display a confidentiality poster which should be explained thoroughly, including the context of safeguarding.
  • Pharmacies should ensure that they have all the stock needed, and that is in within date.
  • Pharmacies should ensure that they are giving out the correct sizes.
  • Pharmacies must ensure that they are giving out the proper starter packs and pick-ups.
  • Pharmacies should offer a choice of condoms and offer them in a bag which can be ordered through the C-card officer.
  • Pharmacies must do a condom teach with every registration, as a mandatory requirement for registering for a c-card.

Staff should use this time to discuss other issues, e.g. what to do if a condom breaks (EHC and testing) and the use of lubricant.

Emergency contraception must be discussed with men as well as women.

Staff should always use the correct registration form for c-cards.

Re-training for all pharmacy staff on the C-card scheme emphasising approaching young people, condom demonstration and consultation, important message check list, Fraser guidelines, Chlamydia screening and treatment, emergency hormonal contraception, giving non judgemental help and signposting.


Mystery shopper report for C card