New Highlighting Heroes nomination

We are pleased to share the most recent Highlighting Heroes nomination. The individual nominated has provided incredible support to families facing bereavement.
A logo of four clasped hands and a photo of one person being supportive of another by holding their hands

Elli Galvani was nominated by her friend, who told us:

"My friend Elli lost her daughter in a horrific fire in 2006 which had a lot of media coverage. She went through a lot of pain and grief with little support to help her get through her loss. After realising there were other people in the community who needed this kind of specialised support she set up Eden’s Trust which supports other parents/families who have gone through the loss of a child. Eden’s Trust also runs groups to support siblings, and now have presence with counsellors in local schools in Redbridge. Elli has also recently set up a special group to support men.

"Elli has come a long way with her vision for helping people, and continually has to seek funding as the groups are free to those that need it. Growing this charity is not an easy task as Elli has a full-time day job and relies on volunteers to keep the charity going, apart from counsellors who have to be paid.

"She is a loving and kind woman with a big heart and doing this work means so much to her and is appreciated by everyone who has utilised the service."

Elii responded to her nomination:

" My Eden; that's how it all began - you inspire me everyday to help others who have lost someone as beautiful as you. You are My Eden but this is Your Legacy. "


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