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A shortlist of homes was produced to support engagement with a number of homes from various areas within the borough. Homes were chosen to be representative (for older people, people with learning disabilities, people using mental health services).


  • The home should consider changing the fire alarms so that there is a flashing light as well when the alarm sounds. Although there are no deaf service users, if there is a user with a family member who is deaf, this could aid them in the future.Service Provider Response: The fire alarm panel although very old is in perfect working order, one can add flashers to the system however this does not have to be bought up to date unless we carry out a structural change, which is not the case. We have an assistance risk based evacuation plan in place We have also had a fire inspection not too long ago which we passed with no recommendations.
  • Whilst the home has a very good training schedule in place, a variety of training sessions should be offered to staff such as deaf awareness training or sight awareness training.Service Provider Response: At present Chestnuts Home does not have any resident who is deaf or blind. We at Chestnuts would always assess resident needs prior to admission to ensure we can meet their needs. Therefore, if we are intending to admit residents with these needs adequate training will be provided, however this is something we would be looking at in the future.


Chestnuts Nursing Care Home

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