Engaging with Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in Redbridge: understanding experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic and COVID-19 vaccination

Healthwatch Redbridge were commissioned by NHS England to gather insights regarding Covid vaccine uptake from the Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities to inform their Autumn Booster campaign.

The insights were also designed to inform how COVID-19 vaccinations can be integrated with other vaccinations offered to similar groups of people at similar times.

We held a series of four focus group sessions in local Mosques and community centres with Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities. 

Our findings show that whilst the majority of participants were positive about the Covid vaccination, positivity towards the booster significantly dropped. This was due to a feeling that Covid was less prevalent and less problematic.  There was some concern regarding the frequency of booster vaccines suggested. 

The findings were shared with NHS England and our report will be used to further inform NHS England’s approaches to future COVID-19 campaigns.



Engaging with Pakistani and Bangladeshi communities in Redbridge

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