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Mind in North East London’s Safe Connections Suicide Prevention

Safe Connections Suicide Prevention Helpline

We are a warm and safe space to talk, explore and work through suicidal thoughts and feelings, and help you find the right directions and support that you need. 

Call us on 0300 561 0115, or email  safeconnections@mithn.org.uk and we will call you.


Safe Connections Suicide Prevention Hub have developed a series of suicide prevention and mental health workshops (see flyers in Downloads). 

Each workshop is free, online and open to whoever wants to attend. They're all about an hour long, with space for questions and discussions.  

Anyone can email safeconnections@mithn.org.uk to book onto a workshop (we'll send Teams links and invites the week before each session) or for more information.  

November 30th, 1-2pm - Christmas and Mental Health  

December 5th, 1-2pm - Suicide Prevention   

December 7th, 1-2pm - Self-Harm Awareness   

December 12th, 1-2pm - Self-Care and Boundaries   

   - Christmas and Mental Health Workshop   

Exploring our own perceptions and feelings towards Christmas and New Year, how it can affect and impact mental health and what this can mean, how we can support people around us and ourselves, and what other support exists through the Christmas period.   

   - Communal Suicide Prevention Workshop    

Exploring the current context of suicide, how suicidal thoughts and feelings can present and what they mean, how we can help and support, and what other help and support is available, as well as how we can try to prevent suicide as a community and as individuals.      

    - Self-harm Awareness Workshop     

Exploring our own reactions to and perceptions of self-harm, what self-harm is and how it can present, why people self-harm and what it can mean, as well as how we can help and support in the immediacy and what other support exists.     

   - Self-Care and Boundaries Workshop   

Explore the concepts of self-care and boundaries, reflect on our needs to create a personalised self-care plan, and explore and understand the impact of different social dynamics on ourselves and how we can set healthy boundaries and limits   

Please email safeconnections@mindthnr.org.uk for more information or to book a workshop.

Grief in Pieces Bereavement by Suicide Support Group - co-facilitated by a mental health practitioner and a peer who has also experienced suicide loss. The group offers an opportunity to share experiences, to normalise grief reactions, and to better understand traumatic grief in a safe, inclusive, supportive environment.

Please email supportforsuicideloss@mindchwf.org.uk or call 0208 525 2337

Suicide Awareness Training - A two hour training course suitable for anyone working with vulnerable clients or those interested in learning more about Suicide Prevention. An understanding of the mental health drivers that can cause suicidal thoughts will be gained, along with learning the ability to recognise the signs that someone may be feeling suicidal early on. Finally, the training will also provide people with the confidence to support other vulnerable people and reduce the risk of a suicide attempt being made.

Please email suicidepreventiontraining@mindchwf.org.uk for dates and more information.

*All services are open to Redbridge, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Hackney, Havering, Waltham Forest, Barking & Dagenham, and the City.

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Tel: 0300 561 0115

Email: safeconnections@mithn.org.uk





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