Enter and view - GPs - Fairlop - Kenwood Medical Centre -1st visit

Over four months between July and October 2017, Healthwatch Redbridge assessed all 45 GP practices on how well they were meeting the requirements set out by the Accessible Information Standard.


  1. The surgery should consider having a website so that patients can access any necessary information on there. This website should be accessible to people with communication impairments. Patients should be able to:
  • Change the size of the text; some people with a visual impairment need information in a large font size.
  • Change the colour of the background; some people cannot read text if there is insufficient contrast between text and background.
  • Navigate the whole website without a mouse; some people who are blind/partially sighted with mobility impairments rely on the keyboard.
  • Access website information via screen readers and translation software (such as Browesaloud®6 ) especially for people with visual impairments...

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Kenwood medical centre

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