Healthwatch Redbridge Work plan for April 2018

Healthwatch Redbridge work plan has been developed by analysing current signposting information, reviewing issues from local outreach information, taking into consideration the work programmes of relevant stakeholders.

We reviewed the current work being undertaken through the Redbridge Health and Wellbeing strategy and by other stakeholders such as the Redbridge Health Scrutiny Committee, Redbridge Clinical Commissioning Committee (CCG), NELFT, Barts Health Trust and Barking, Havering and Redbridge University Trust (BHRUT).

We also looked at local and national health and social care issues and feedback from our signposting log and community cash fund project. The signposting log contains information on what local people have told us about services that they have used. The community cash fund project involved working with several local voluntary and community groups who gathered information on specific topics from a wide range of people.  

Collating feedback from these different workstreams and areas provided us with an opportunity to identify some of the main issues in our borough. From the information gathered, six priorities were selected and used to create a postcard survey for consideration by local people. There was also an opportunity to identify any additional issues that were not included on the postcard.

From January-March 2018, we engaged with members of the public to enable us to identify areas to focus our work on for the year. These postcards were widely distributed (through libraries, hospitals and other outreach events) to local people who chose the final priorities for HWR to focus on for the year 2018/2019.

During our celebration event in March, local people discussed the priorities in depth and provided further information on how HWR could focus on these priorities throughout the coming year.


workplan 18-19 revised

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