COVID-19 Vaccine survey - Report

In December 2020, with the introduction of the COVID-19 vaccine, Healthwatch Redbridge was made aware some communities and individuals were expressing a reluctance in having the vaccination. This was particularly reflected within BAME communities.

Key findings

  • Three quarters of respondents (76%) felt able to make an informed decision, on whether or not to get the vaccine.

  • Around a fifth (18%) felt that information was not sufficient.

  • Older people feel notably better informed than younger people - those aged 55 plus are 20% more likely than 25–34 year old’s to have enough information.

  • Those from White backgrounds feel significantly better informed than those from Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) backgrounds.

  • Key workers (such as those in the NHS) feel 7% better informed than non-key workers (such as those in construction).

“We do not know the long-term effects in years to come. Or effects on those with underlying conditions.” - local resident


COVID-19 Vaccine survey

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